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Serving delicious bakery, including gluten-free options in the Wake Forest area.

Annie's Bakery

Hi, I’m Annie. Welcome to my bakery.

My passion for baking dates back to my childhood when my mom taught me how to make delicious cakes, savoury baked goods and to create happy moments spiced with love. I grew up in Hungary where food is a language of love and I brought that tradition with me when I moved to America.

I’ve been baking for my family, friends, and co-workers for as long as I can remember. Eventually word starting getting out about my recipes, I began getting more and more requests for baking for other people. I started exploring recipes with healthy and natural ingredients and I’m no longer just making traditional treats, but also offering a wide variety of gluten-free (and delicious!) products.

I hope you’ll find something to your liking, too!

Every bite is destined to bring that sweet home feeling to your heart and tummy.

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